• Psychic Medium
  • Clairvoyant
  • Clairaudient
  • Empathic / Clairsentient
  • Reiki Master
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Certified in Indian Head Massage

I am a multi-generational Psychic, with natural spiritual gifts passed along both sides of my family's lineage and ancestry. I'm also the first woman in a long line of natural Psychics to come out of the "spiritual closet" and offer my gifts and services to aid others through life's trials & tribulations.

I was born clairvoyant and have always possessed my Psychic abilities - which through most of my life came through in Prophetic Dreams. It was only just 4 years ago that my Mediumship abilities arrived with a bang, to allow me all-at-once to communicate directly with Spirits of Loved Ones on the Other Side, Earthbound Spirits (ghosts) & Spirit Guides.

For the most part I'm completely self-taught and self-trained with the aid of my Spirit Guides & Mediumship Gatekeepers.

I provide a loving, tailored approach to my Psychic Medium Readings & Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing practices, and will make every effort to put myself in my clients' shoes. This usually happens naturally for me through my ability to receive visions (Clairvoyancy), feel your physical, emotional or mental state (Empathic, Medical Intuitive), and receive direct auditory messages from Spirit Guides & Loved Ones that have passed (Clairaudience).

I grew up in Collingwood, Ontario - always dreaming of helping and healing others. I embraced that dream by attending post-secondary education in the Advertising and Business Commerce fields. I always had a passion for writing, design, and web coding (which I explored A LOT in high school). I found pursuing these forms of work in my post-secondary education would allow me to help others in a creative way.

My formalized education via my Business Commerce Degree led me to become an Operations & Development Manager of an e-commerce medical device company. Within this company, my core responsibilities centered around writing for injury and condition-based websites, designing medical images, performing quality assurance for medical devices, and interacting directly with International medical regulatory boards (Health Canada & the FDA).

I now believe it is this corporate experience that has led to the profound development of my Empathic / Clairsentient (Medical Intuitive) abilities... A gift that I totally didn't seek out, but one that has made itself known throughout my Psychic Medium career.

As an added bonus, my corporate experience is what lends to my creative talents - as a result all of my advertising, promotional, web, social media & blog content is completely 100% produced by me.

I believe that I gain a lot of my natural Psychic Medium abilities from my rich Ancestry in North America & Africa.

My family (on both sides) are multi-generational Canadians. My lineage on both sides has been traced back to immigration into Canada via the Underground Railroad between 1840 & 1880. My family ultimately settled in Southern Ontario in the Dresden & Blenheim area - both areas credited to rich African Canadian heritage (especially with the presence of Uncle Tom's Cabin).

There is also some Native heritage in my ancestry, a heritage that is very difficult to track due to the lack of records available for immigration of emancipated slaves to Canada in the 1800's.

I have only recently discovered the Native tribe connection to my Father's lineage stemming back to my ancestors' time in the U.S. before emigrating to Canada. There are records of my Father's ancestors residing near to the Nanticoke Indian tribe in and around Delaware, Pennsylvania. There are also suspected (but unfortunately untraceable) roots of Native heritage in my Mother's ancestry.

I work a lot with my ancestors during my readings and call on them to lend their power and insight to my Psychic abilities.


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