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10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Should Answer

10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Should Answer

If you've met me in person or know me personally, then you know how much I value transparency in all things. I especially find this crucial in the field of Psychic Reading & Energy Healing.

The reality is that I have a job that has no regulatory board or educational requirements. So I take my job as a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master very seriously. Sure - we have TONS of fun when I'm reading and we connect on a level that goes beyond words... But the entire time that I'm tuning into your energy for a reading or sending energy healing your way I'm minutely aware of my role as a Holistic Health Practitioner and the responsibility I must wear on my shoulders.

This is where the notion of Transparency (or "full disclosure") comes from. I believe that in order for you, as my client, to get the most out of your experience from me (with the best possible level of service, care & attention) that I must always be equally open with you as you are with me. I always say that the very best "reads" result in a complete 50/50 of energy sharing and auric co-mingling.

As those that are truly Psychic themselves can attest, it's just as easy for you to read me throughout the experience as I can read you. You know what? I'm okay with that. I don't hold anything back and I sure hope that you do the same for me.

So to honour my intimate thoughts and feelings about "Transparency" I've decided my first blog post should be one where I answer questions I often get from past, present, future & potential clients. I was inspired to do this from the "10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Should Answer" blog post by Ethony (@ethony). 



1. Were You Mentored or Self-Taught?

A little bit of both.

A lot of the style in which I read - including the times when I choose to use the Tarot and when I instead go for holding someone's hand or a piece of their jewelry/something they wear or own - has been self-taught. 

Long before I started to read "professionally" I took an Intro to Tarot course in Toronto. I ended up taking my course from this shop a few months before my mediumship abilities kicked into high gear. At this point I wasn't seeing ghosts everywhere and the gifts you have come to know me for weren't nearly as strong. I'm not sure why I picked the Tarot out of any type of intuitive development course I could have picked. I like to think in hindsight that I was trying to wrap my mind around the concept of everything "supernatural" by finding the most left-brained activity I possibly could (with measurable progress & outcomes).

So I landed on the Tarot. I have a very strong love and healthy level of respect for the Tarot. I like how many symbols and meanings can be pulled from the cards.

Now fast forward to the time after my gifts suddenly announced themselves (and my Spirit Guides for that matter)...

I ended up taking Reiki levels 1, 2 & 3 from multiple teachers within less than a year to try to get a hold of the energy I was feeling and what was going on around me. Everything else from that point forward has pretty much been self-taught.

In the beginning I started by journalling my personal Tarot picks. I also had a journal with every Spirit Guide that came forward at that time including a mini bio with their name, appearance, where they came from (historically or in terms of "realms"), and what they were here to teach me. I even took to Google to research and come up with accurate historical time-frames based on clothing, race, culture, any details I could get my hands on. I suppose I wanted to make sure I wasn't "cuckoo for cocoa puffs".

I still have that journal. I got to about 80+ names then realized this was really an exercise in futility. It wasn't their information that mattered. It was that I had somewhere along the way accepted their existence and trusted the information they gave to me.

So now I am 100% self-taught via the loving advice (or not-so-loving pokes in the ribs) from my Spirit Guides.


2. Are You a Psychic or a Tarot Reader?

I'm always a Psychic and sometimes a Tarot Reader.

My preferred way to connect and tune into your energy is without cards or tools. Sometimes I feel that they get in the way. I choose to be a Tarot Reader for some events, especially for special promos or discounted services.

It's not that you will ever get "less of me" or what I have to offer. I use the Tarot cards in those situations to manage my personal energy levels. Psychic reading and tuning into energies can take a lot out of me. So sometimes I use the cards to funnel the information so that I don't have to work as hard. Hence why they are used for discounted services or special promos. It takes the same amount of energy for me to connect every time - it doesn't matter if it is a 10 minute reading for $10 (recent pop-up event pricing I'm trying out) or a 1 hour reading for $120 (my current regular rate).

Here is what I have come to understand about the difference between a Psychic and a Tarot Reader:

Psychic - Someone with pre-cognitive ability that can read the past, present or future events for their client through the use of one or more extra-sensory "gifts" (clairvoyancy, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, etc.) and via multiple forms of tools or mediums (i.e. oracle cards, tarot cards, palm reading, crystal ball, psychometry, etc.)

Tarot Reader - Someone who can interpret the meaning and symbolism of the Tarot cards to answer specific questions you may have based on the deck they choose to use and the spread (most often the Celtic Cross is used)


3. Are Your Predictions Accurate, and is Accuracy Important to You?

I'll answer the 2nd question first...

YES. Omg yes. I wish accuracy wasn't important to me. It's not important spiritually or psychically for that matter. It IS important to the "Type A", left-brained, scientific, perfectionist side to my personality. If my readings aren't accurate I can guarantee you that I'm probably more broken up about that than you are!

Seriously. It's because I care about you and what I can do for you. As I said above, I take my job as a Psychic Medium very seriously so if I ever feel like I can't deliver for you I leave feeling so defeated. No one ever sees this side of me - well no one except my Mom & Nick that help run my booths at bigger Psychic Expos and events.

Are my predictions accurate? Yes they can be. Other times they can be way off. I often get clients that contact me months later and tell me that what I told them came true - even when they didn't believe me. I guess that's a good sign.

Accuracy in this field is impossible to guarantee. I will never guarantee how accurate I am. When I'm asked? I explain my gifts, how they work, and tell the person asking that I will try my best. That's all I can do.

I'd even go so far as to recommend that you be a little more critical in assessing which reader you wish to see if in their marketing, advertising or literature they offer a % accuracy rate. That's bullshit (pardon my boldness).

We are Psychics, Tarot Readers, Mediums... Most of us care about transparency and so we'll do the best we can with the information we get through the cards, through your energy and from our Spirit Guides or Loved Ones that have passed. Sometimes they tell us specifically what to say, other times we're getting visions that we have to interpret (it's kind of like charades). As I said before, there is no educational path or university degree for this so a lot of us are self-taught because that's the best way to understand your gifts. And oftentimes you will notice accuracy will go up as we hone our skills. But can we control how accurate we are? Absolutely not.


4. Is There Anything You Can't Predict in a Reading?

For me it's not about "can't" so much as it's about "won't".

While I'm reading I'm constantly tuned into the client and so I get a "read" on their comfort level in reaction to the information I'm receiving. This means I can better manage the way I communicate the information so that you never feel like I've opened a can of worms on you.

That being said - I don't like discussing dates of death. I rarely do. There have been a few odd times that it has come up but it was a situation where the client was seeking that information and I was told repeatedly by their Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Loved Ones on the other side, MY Spirit Guides and anyone else I could possibly listen to that it was okay for me to discuss those details.

I won't foray too far into the zone of "reading someone else" during your reading. Will I tune into kids, grandkids, past relationships, family members, friends, etc. for you? Sure! Will I tell you every minute detail about their life, whether they were/are happy, have they moved on from a past situation with you, etc.? I don't like to. Your reading is YOURS and when I read I like to offer a growth opportunity for life. How can you possibly grow if you are consumed by needing to know about someone else?

I sometimes (personally) have trouble with Missing Persons cases, murder, suicide, and stuff like that. Not because I can't predict or read the situation. More so because I am fully aware of how emotionally charged the situation is and how invested everyone is in the outcome. This goes back to the accuracy question above. I care so much about accuracy (I hate that I do!) that I can get in my own way with questions or cases like that.

I am experienced though (as weird as it is to say that) with reading murders and suicides. I've also been extremely (weirdly) accurate for things like that. Including scenes where "it all went down" etc. I chalk this up to my one Psychic ability where I experience someone's last moments of life (and thus their death) from a 3rd person & 1st person view.

I have (and gladly) helped with missing objects or pets. Sometimes accurate, sometimes not.


5. Do You Use Only Tarot or are You Multi-Disciplinary?

I know about a lot of symbolism - totem animals, numerology, astrology, runes. I wouldn't call myself a professional in any of those fields. They are more of a personal interest/passion.

If I don't use the Tarot then I am either holding the client's hand or an object that they own (psychometry).

I'm also a Reiki Master and offer Intuitive Reiki. I am always "on" and receiving, so the only type of Reiki I offer is Intuitive because I get the messages anyway so I figure I might as well share them.

I'm also certified in Indian Head Massage but try my best to "tune out" the messages because it's more of a hands-on, physical, therapeutic means of alternative healing.


6. Is the Message in the Cards, or in Your Head?

In my head.

The cards have specific meanings which I was taught (and learned through self-study). I rarely use the specific meanings of the Tarot cards to be honest.

I know, honour, and teach the true meaning & essence of the Tarot. I rarely use it because if I use the Tarot it's to manage my energy levels (as I mentioned above). They are kind of like flash cards for me that get the messages in my head rolling a little bit more quickly and without all the frills, bells & whistles.


7. Are you a Priest or Fortune-Teller?


I'm Allison.

I wear many hats and take on many roles in a reading. Sometimes I'm a Psychic. Sometimes I'm a Medium. I may end up being your friend, your confidante, your sibling, your soul family. You may see me as a physical/tangible representation of your Spirit Guide.

I like & choose to be a Healer & Facilitator.

Sometimes people want me to be a Priestess or Fortune-Teller.

I personally don't much like wearing or owning either of those titles. I respect those who do. I respect anyone who wants to own any title in this field and congratulate them for showing up, (hopefully) educating themselves, and taking pride in what they do.


8. Are You a Fixer, or Looker?

Oh good gods these questions! Right to the point, huh?

My personal identity (outside of Psychic reading) is that of a "Fixer". It's that perfectionist, "Type A" part of me.

Nick can attest to this and he hates to love this about me.

My Psychic Medium / Reader identity? I consider myself more of a funnel, channel, or tool for you in the reading setting. I'm that telephone line that connects you to Higher Entities and the PTB ("powers that be"). And so I do not take on either of those roles because I don't consider them to be my job.

I sometimes seek (look), but only to find the answers you wish to know. I used to do more of this in the beginning of my career because I lacked the confidence in what I do back then. But now I let the messages find me. I believe that if I ever have to "look too far" or "reach too hard" for information then it must be information neither of us were truly meant to have.


9. Do You Read for Free, or for a Fee?

I read for a fee. I do this full-time. I try to be as available as I can to you guys - in person, online, etc. This job requires a lot of energy output from me. So I see my fee as a form of energy exchange. Equal input, equal output.

I on occasion do still read for free. This is reserved for family, close friends (something I determine, not you), and sometimes strangers. This is something I have to feel moved to do and only ever really happens on my terms.

It used to bother me - the portrayal of what I do and the expectation that if I choose to be a Light Worker or humanitarian on this planet I shouldn't be charging. I get that. I also am fully aware that money currently makes our world go round and a whole heck of a lot of other services are done & valued for a fee (i.e. cutting hair, snow removal, pest extermination, etc.) - and rightly so! So then WHY NOT Psychic Reading?


10. Is There Anything You Won't Predict in a Reading?

I kind of jumped the shark and answered this a few questions ago. Sorry! I tend to do that. Even in readings.


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Guest - Gina Goldsworthy on Wednesday, 21 September 2016 12:23

Allison ur amazing! I look to forward to some updates

Allison ur amazing! I look to forward to some updates
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