"Truth Talk"

A term used for speaking candidly about things that are profound or meaningful.

Allison is a professional Psychic Medium with her company Altruistic Apothecary. She offers online (phone, Skype, or e-mail) readings as well as in person readings from her home shop/studio space or "on the road". She currently tours with Psychic Expos across Southern Ontario.

When she is not getting her "Psychic Medium" on, she is an avid reader and Netflix / Funimation binge watcher. She is a self-proclaimed "nerd" in all "nerdy" things including books, television shows, role-playing & video games that would be considered sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural. Her current obsessions are simulcast viewing anime straight from Japan on Funimation, any & all Sarah J. Maas books, Skyrim for PS3 & oh yea, blog writing & pod-casting (a new project "in the works").

She likes to think of herself as a modern day Nancy Drew and often employs her sleuthing skills on her other half, Nicholas (Nick) Edens, much to his chagrin. She also has two adopted orange/tan long-haired cats - Holly Golightly (mother) & Sahara a.k.a "Boo Boo" (daughter/runt). They are her babies. Yes, she can sometimes be described as a "creepy cat lady". And often is by her other half Nick.

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