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"Tuning In" to Intuitively Read Family & Friends in 3 Easy Steps

"Tuning In" to Intuitively Read Family & Friends in 3 Easy Steps


When I'm reading, teaching, or explaining how my Psychic abilities work I often use the phrase "Tune In" or "Tuning In". Sometimes I will even say this without explaining the energetic nuances behind this spiritual terminology OR how exactly I do that.

My first few steps in the whole Psychic Reading process (aside from trying my best to manage my client's expectations) is "Tuning Into" their energy. First I take the time to explain how I read (most of the time without questions, prompts or cards/tools), and what to expect (a snapshot of current emotional, mental & physical states leading to what is important in their present and crucial in their future). I then start the process of accessing their energies on all of these levels and more.

I feel the act of "Tuning In" is kind of like when we sometimes have to move a cellphone around to get the best signal. When I'm doing this, I'm trying my best to truly connect with the person I am reading with (by feeling and “Tuning Into” their Aura) in order to learn more about them (how they feel, what they think, etc.).

I have found over time that getting a client to relax in the beginning & making sure I'm also as relaxed as possible will totally ease the entire process. In my experience, when we are in a state of relaxation our energies are easier to “Tune Into” or read.


So in the spirit of Intuitive Development (which I am most certainly all about) & showing you the raw, real, unplugged version of ME – here is "Tuning In to Intuitively Read Family & Friends in 3 Easy Steps"

Step One: Just Breathe

My “special trick” when starting to "Tune In" is getting my client to breathe deeply for me while I also match my breathing to theirs. Breathing in sync with someone allows me to focus (almost in a meditative way) and zoom in directly to their energies.

When I breathe deeply with my client I am creating a gateway in their Aura in order to ease into their energy field. I'm also taking the time at this point to gently ask their subconscious and spiritual state for permission to move forward with the reading.

Breath-work in and of itself is a well-known and well-trusted technique in Holistic Health, Energy Healing & Shamanism to focus the mind, body and spirit. When we slow down our breathing we can also slow down our heart rate and reduce any anxiety or stress.

This is especially helpful with connecting to super-spiritually sensitive individuals, like Empaths (those that feel more than their own emotions). If the act of "Tuning In" is not done as seamlessly as possible, it can be disruptive to their Aura field and they may in fact "feel it" on some level (even subconsciously after the fact – by feeling exhausted or "off" after the reading experience).

Sometimes people are naturally more closed off as well. I don't mean this in the “You're Blocked” kind of way. The reality is many people self-protect for many (totally justifiable) reasons – especially Empaths. When “Tuning In” I try very hard not to judge or approach a reading as a means to tell people what level or layers of walls they may be self-enforcing. Just be aware that when you try this you may have an easier time “Tuning Into” some people more than others.

Breathing deeply on your own or with the person you hope to read isn't the only way to create that gateway into their Aura field. You have to find the method that works best for you in connecting to their energy and the energy of Spirit.

Your trick may end up being entirely different than mine.

Here are some examples of alternative ways to start the “Tuning In” process:

  • You may have a special deck of cards that make you feel extra safe or intuitively connected. It's then up to you whether you have the person you are reading with also touch that deck (some Readers will do this to mingle their energies with yours).

    I rarely use the cards, but when I do I don't have a specific preference in shuffling, selecting, and I'm indifferent about others touching my cards. That's because ultimately for me, the message is never in the cards but in my head.

  • A certain crystal (one that is your go-to for meditation work or Spiritual path-working) can also act as a focus for “Tuning In” - especially if that crystal allows you to fee connected to Spirit & totally grounded.

    This is the technique I use the most. My power crystal is Clear Quartz (generally a point, crystal ball or some type of “generator” shape). So I often start with the breath-work then hold in one or both of my hands some Clear Quartz.

  • Psychometry (holding an object that the person you are tuning into owns, uses or wears) can also be useful. When doing this you may want to make sure that the object is owned by them, relatively new (within the past 5 years or so), and most definitely not some ancestral heirloom (because you may just end up “Tuning Into” an ancestor instead).

    This is a method I “fall back on” when my energies are low or I'm in a really crowded environment.

  • Knowing the person's full name, birthdate or zodiac sign may help you to feel a bit more connected to them. We are a society that incessantly labels EVERYTHING. Since we pour so much power into labels, and take such huge ownership of our names – any of this information can be a powerful tool in connecting.

    Typically not a technique I use EXCEPT when reading about romance and love. Knowing the zodiac of both people involved will actually add a whole new layer to the reading and dynamic.

  • A gentle state of MEDITATION may be the easiest way to start off your act of “Tuning In” (no matter whether the person you are hoping to read is sitting there in front of you or not). So start off by making yourself the most comfortable you possibly can. Make sure you are in a grounded emotional, mental, physical and energetic state.

    I read so often that when I breathe once in sync with a client or pick up my Quartz (I have specific ones for reading) I'm already entering that kind of meditative state. Ever heard of Pavlov's Bell? A lot of Psychic reading (like anything else in life) is a matter of neuro-programming and conditioning. Once you practice enough your energy will just “Tune In” as soon as you start with the tried/true methods or tools that work best for you.

When you find something that works make sure that you also go into this with absolutely no expectation and with the intention of "information seeking" NOT energy manipulation.

"Tuning in" is not meant to fix, change or altar someone's mindset. It is a means to gather information and spiritual insight into their current life and emotional state.

What if you can't focus? What if you keep feeling an "off" feeling in your stomach? Or you get the sense it's best not to "go there"?

Then don't.

Any message like that is one from your Spirit Guides or theirs, giving you a heads up that no amount of preparation can allow you to enter their Aura field. Why? The information you may be seeking could (in Spirit's opinion) be something that is not yours to know OR maybe what you find out isn't relevant to your journey or spiritual path.

Why then, will the "Tuning In" method almost always work for me?

I reserve the act of "Tuning In" for client sessions… mostly. In those cases, I have already gained permission to "Tune In" by the client the moment they inquired after my services or paid me for the reading. The act of conscious permission can be a huge factor with easing this whole process.

When I'm not reading, I get told or shown very specifically in some circumstances that I shouldn't push or "go there". And guess what? I listen. It took me ages to finally let things go and realize that there is plenty of information out there that is not "mine" to know. I've accepted that as part of my own personal spiritual journey.

And so if this first step in the "Tuning In" process gets you no where, know that practice in this case most definitely makes perfect AND we all meet resistance from time to time.

Step Two: Crack the Code

Knowing if you've successfully “Tuned In” can be difficult if you aren't familiar with how to use your Intuitive Gifts or Psychic Abilities.

This is where you need to determine whether you receive best: Clairvoyantly (via visuals in your head), Clairaudiently (via thoughts in your head), or Empathically (via emotions and/or flutters in your chest or stomach).

Are you more of a visual person (with memories & thoughts in pictures)? Then it's likely you will receive information about a person through random images, pictures, or movies that pop into your mind.

Are you more of an avid listener (sometimes thinking you hear things when no one is around)? Do you also talk to yourself (Hint: you're not always talking just to yourself)? Then pay attention to the thoughts in your head and constantly self-assess (is that thought yours or part of the message?).

Are you more of an emotionally sensitive person (always feeling or sensing something, or even taking on the emotions of others)? It's likely, if this is you, that your first impressions after “Tuning In” will be based on the other person's current emotional state. Pay attention if you start to feel something different when you connect. Do you get a sensation in your stomach or your heart? Were you completely relaxed and calm, but are suddenly feeling sad?

Even if you are aware of your own abilities, the act of “Tuning In” can be different every time you try it.

Sometimes my own Psychic Abilities will change depending on who I'm connecting to. So keep in mind that sometimes the way you receive messages will be influenced by the energies of the person you are connecting with.

In order to fully Crack the Code of the message you MUST pay attention to all nuances going on in your mind & heart. Once you have opened space to connect (which was hopefully accomplished in Step One), then anything that happens from there on is PART OF THE MESSAGE… So pay attention.

Remember: Go in with absolutely no expectation. If you do this every time then it's likely that you'll never be disappointed with how much you receive and whether you feel you've actually successfully “Tuned In”. Often times we have an expectation of what we will receive and this is where we start creating a block for ourselves – making it that much more difficult to actually Crack the Code.

 The “receiving” part is usually over when you stop feeling, sensing, seeing or hearing anything. There may even be a noticeable lack of energy or quality of stillness.  

Step Three: Give Thanks

This can be done vocally or even just in your head. If you are aware of any Spirit Guides or energies that assist you in using your Intuitive Gifts, make sure you thank them as well.

Most importantly – imagine, visualize, or manifest (put the thought out there) that your “Tuning In” session is complete. Make it known within your energy, their aura, and with your Spiritual helpers that the session is done and all energetic ties are to be cut or closed.

This is a step that is meant to preserve your energy and theirs. The act of “Tuning In” is a very natural energetic thing but sometimes people will be energetically sensitive on the giving or receiving end of that connection. It's not something you (or them) may notice upon your first try, but once you get used to using your Intuitive abilities on command you may start to feel worn down or low energetically.

Forgetting to close a session properly is usually what leads to Spiritual Burnout (feeling like your gifts are blocked).

Some helpful methods/tools for closing a session include:

  • Saying “Thank You” to your client, or summing up how the session went.

  • Going back to Step One – your breath-work, meditative state, crystals, or cards.

  • Visualizing a door closing or a curtain being drawn.

  • Smudging your aura field (and when appropriate, your client's aura field) after a session.

  • Reconnecting on your own, after the session, with your Spirit Guides.

  • Grounding yourself (bringing your energy down, instilling a state of peace and tranquility). I personally find being outside, surrounding myself with crystals, or holding salt to be spiritually grounding. Sometimes even eating, washing your hands, or focusing on totally mundane/muggle world things can help.

So there you have it. My unique way of “Tuning Into” clients, and now a new method for you to connect to your friends, loved ones, or anyone in your life that you are hoping to read.

This is also a great way to practice with your Intuitive abilities to build confidence in what you are doing. Make sure to always assess, analyze, or deconstruct the process once you are finished if you are seeking to learn more about yourself and how to read others in a more practiced, honed and profound way.

As mentioned before, know that these methods won't always work. Especially if this information is sensitive, personal, or not meant to be yours.

Know that every spiritual road-block is yet another opportunity to grow, learn & polish your Intuitive Abilities.

Sometimes we learn more from our epic fails than we do from our glorious wins.

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