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#PickACard - You are so Loved


Sometimes I wake up, check my social media, face the day and immediately receive a message from Spirit about what the community of people around me may be thinking or feeling. Usually it's as a result of me connecting through to the people and clients that follow my business via social media.

Not only do I feel a lot of purging (emotionally, physically, mentally) happening right now, the word "Love" kept coming up this morning. It's almost as if everyone REALLY needs to be reminded how very loved they are, regardless of whether they actually feel that physically & tangibly in their lives.

So here is the latest #PickACard, coming 100% from a place of love & understanding.

This time I sat down with my "Talking to Heaven" oracle deck by Doreen Virtue & James Van Praagh. You might recognize this deck if you happened to tune into my last Facebook Live session a few weeks ago (I offered 1-Card Free Mini reads from this deck & a few others).

This is my go-to deck for connecting via mediumship to Loved Ones on the Other Side. I also use this deck as a teaching tool in Intuitive Development workshops & one-on-one sessions.

Why is this deck my "go-to" for all things Mediumship related? Well sometimes we just need that physical / tangible reminder that no matter what *shit* we might be facing in our everyday lives, we are always thought of and cherished from those that look out for us in Heaven.

As soon as I picked up this deck today the "Believe in yourself - you can do it" card popped out and landed on the floor in front of me. So that's my message for the day!

I've always been very open with all of you about my own personal spiritual journey - and lately that journey has me re-evaluating how I put myself out there on my website and social media (hence the HUGE website overhaul that's happened this Summer). I've actually pulled this card before, from my Grandmother, and this message always seems to come through when I'm being hyper-critical about the work I provide in Spirit for all of you.

Let's just say - I'm working on it! (Aren't we all?)

Thank you Grandma for your continued love, support & blessings from the Other Side about my work.

If you, like me, need to hear a message from the Other Side then please take a moment to (1) pause, (2) reflect, (3) breathe deeply, and (4) think of the Loved One you hope to hear from.

When you are ready, please pick whichever card speaks to you most (1, 2 or 3). 

Here is the message your Loved One wants to give to you...


Card 1

"As a soul, I can be in several places at once"

The person you are hoping to connect to seems to be *extremely* active in Spirit within your life and the lives of others that you may know & love. This may come through most when you happen to find dimes (nickels or even quarters), receive a certain song or sound from a radio, television, or telephone, or even see repeating number sequences everywhere.

Your Loved One desperately wishes to come through to you right now to remind you how very loved you are. They want you to know how proud they are of you, your life choices right now, and the direction you are choosing to take in life.

Know that their advice may be coming through as emotions in your heart or thoughts in your head. They are constantly giving you subtle guidance and advice about your life (and have been especially over the last 3 to 4 months), and now they are so happy to see that you are taking that advice & guidance to improve your life for yourself, your family & pursue what makes you most happy.

They will continue to be very active in Spirit over the next few months. After that, you may not receive as many dimes, or hear their words through the radio, but know that you are still in their thoughts, prayers and heart.

They are active right now because they answered your call / prayers a few months ago, and they will continue to watch over you as you enjoy the fruits of all of your labour this Autumn (through the end of September and into first few weeks of October). This promises to be a most auspicious time, with many of your long-time goals getting knocked out & tons of opportunity to tie up loose ends. 

I see you and those you love happy & healthy over the Holiday Season as you reflect on how this influence from your Loved Ones on the Other Side has really allowed you to end this year on a high note.

Card 2

"I am surrounded by loving animals"

You may have only asked for one Loved One to come through, but with them you are also receiving an entourage of family animals (pets) that have passed & wish to show you some love too!

It's important for you to know that your Loved One is very happy, fulfilled, and at peace on the other side. Know that they are not alone, and they keep company not only with their friends and other Loved Ones there, but they also spend a lot of time with any pets you may have had (or family pets that were a part of your life) that have passed as well.

It might sound weird, but right now I get the overwhelming sense of an animal that has had to been "put down" by a Vet due to medical complications. If this resonates with you, then know that this animal coming through from the Other Side is okay. They are happy, healthy, and do not hold any ill feelings toward this tough choice you had to make. They forgive you & only wish for you to forgive yourself as well.

If that message doesn't resonate with you, then please know that any suffering or unhappiness this animal may have experienced in their life has not carried over with them to the Other Side. Heaven provides all of us, Human and Animal alike, the amazing opportunity to heal and become better. Know that your Loved One & the animal(s) coming through have healed and are much better and happier on the Other Side.

If you receive any messages from this Loved One, you are most likely to see birds, butterflies, dragonflies, or feathers in your travels. In the near future you may be faced with some necessary healing & transformation yourself (end of October through November of this year).

"Prioritize" seems to be the theme for the end of this year - and you may be forced to re-prioritize what's most important to you in life. Are you putting work ahead of family & personal life? Are you listening to your head more than your heart & soul? These are questions I see you asking yourself as this year comes to a close - and they are questions I can feel that your Loved One(s) are keen on listening to as well.

If you are especially missing someone (or those beloved animals) on the Other Side, now would be the time to write them a letter or speak to them out loud, by yourself. They are listening very actively to your prayers & they are ready to lend you their strength - all you have to do is ask!

Please know that your Loved One understands the changes you will be going through and will be there for you every step of the way. They tell me: "Please embrace the new version of yourself that will soon be emerging, and don't be afraid of change".


Card 3 

"Although you may not understand it now, everything happens for a reason"

Your Loved One can feel some of the emotional suffering and hardships you are currently facing and have faced, head on, over the last 1 to 2 years. They want you to know that you have not been suffering in silence. You may not feel it, but they have been there for you every step of the way as you figure your life out and what may be coming next in the future.

I keep getting the very specific message that life may kind of suck for you right now. Something isn't working out for you - either in your romantic / family life or your work / career prospects. You may even feel like you're beating your head against a brick wall.

As a result of this, although you may normally feel extremely intuitively connected, lately there might be a bit of a "block" or you may feel as though you are facing all of this alone. If you are normally a person who connects very strongly with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides & Loved Ones - it may be time to ask yourself if you are feeling, sensing, hearing &/or seeing them as strongly now as you were before.

Please remember that whomever you are reaching out to is here. They're here loving you, supporting you & cheering you on whether you expect them to do that for you or not. They have been through their fair share of hardships, and so they intimately and uniquely understand what you may be going through and facing right now.

They tell me: "It's time to make the hard decision(s)"

Whatever you may be putting off for "another day", needs to be dealt with now. And sooner rather than later. Know that your Loved One that you called upon totally and completely has your back and will be there every step of the way.

"You know what needs to be done, so do it already" - they say.

Know that your Loved One wishes for you to have faith (not capital F "religious faith", but faith and belief in yourself).

"You've got this. You just need to believe that you do."

They wish for you to stop anticipating the results of the choices that need to be made, before actually making them. "You're expecting the worst without even doing what needs to be done... So please let go and give all of your anticipatory fears, worries, and grievances over to me in favour of your highest good."

Unlike the other two cards that you could've chosen - this ones shows the most active speaking and advice / guidance element of your Loved Ones. Take a moment to pause & reflect on what your Loved Ones may be trying to telling you. Finding moments of meditative solitude are so important for you right now. You may not be sensing, feeling, seeing, or hearing what your Spirit Guides, Higher Self &/or Loved Ones on the Other Side may be telling you because you are in sore need of some time alone.

Don't be afraid to do what you need to seek and maintain clarity right now. The end of this year is the final push you need to set yourself up for a much more free, expressive, and spontaneous 2018. I see your inner child coming out full force next year. So hurry up & finish what needs to get done (this final purge), so there is room for you to express yourself (your inner child) exactly how you've been sorely wishing to for months now. 

So there you have it...

Those are your messages for today from your Loved One(s) on the Other Side.

Any messages that came through for you, that resonate, were a part of some Automatic Writing I've done... right here on my blog "Truth Talk". Above all else, please know that you are thought of & loved whether you feel it in your life or not.

Never forget that you matter, you're so incredibly important, and you are whole-heartedly cherished - by your Loved Ones on the Other Side & Spirit.

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