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#PickACard - Your 2018 Blessings Await


I'm not sure if anyone has noticed... but I usually run a Flash Sale at the beginning of each year focused on providing some insight from Spirit about your upcoming Lessons & Blessings for the year ahead.

Like many of you - I just haven't been "on the ball" this year. 

Entering a New Year is usually a big spiritual affair (it is for me, at least). One where you spend a bit of time reflecting on the year that has just passed you by, and your new goals, affirmations, and motivations for the year ahead. This year I passed into the New Year with an "Oh yea, so I guess it's 2018 now" kind of feeling... And I have found that I'm not alone in that.

So although this may be a wee bit late on the up-take, here is a quick look at the many beautiful Blessings that await you as we subtly shift gear from 2017 to 2018.

♥ ♥ ♥

Today I'm using the "Sacred Circle Tarot Deck" written by Anna Franklin & illustrated by Paul Mason.


Without further ado, here are your picks for the 2018 Blessings that Await you...

First take a deep, soul-cleansing breath. Bit by bit, let go of what you may have brought with you from 2017. Visualize any of those issues, hurdles, or problems drifting away in your cosmic rear-view mirror. Take as much time as you need to, to look at the cards below with a nice, pristine, clear, state of mind.

When you are ready, please pick whichever card speaks to you most (card #1, #2 or #3). 


And here are the Blessings that await you in the year ahead...


Card 1

3 of Discs - "Dedication"

Your hard work (in 2017) is about to pay off in a major way. But first, there will come some profound shifts in your goals and expectations for the year to come. 2017 may have been a hard year for you in terms of navigating your finances and understanding (plus feeling validated and valued) in your career. And although I see you as a person that is so utterly capable of rolling with life's changes (as well as having appreciation and gratitude for whatever positive outcomes may come your way) - let's be real here for a moment...

I feel a lot of expectations may have been placed on measurable / actionable outcomes in 2017 ($$$). A very clear goal set in mind to make 2017 different in terms of employment prospects and financial compensation. Some wonderful seeds were sown in the last year, but I definitely feel a sense of the "rewarding" aspect falling flat for you. And still, I see you tackling 2018 with the same zeal and determination to continue fostering growth in any financial and career plans that were not-quite-completed in 2017.

Good for you! It's that form of "DEDICATION" that's needed to prepare yourself for the final steps leading to prosperity and abundance flowing your way after March to May of this year. This to me, will be prosperity and abundance earned (accumulatively since last year), BUT don't expect a huge wind-fall or "lottery-type-win".

This is where Spirit is highlighting for me, the ideal of equal input to equal output. Your upcoming prosperity / abundance (in the form of hard-earned $$$ or new career opportunities) will directly reflect those seeds your sowed in 2017. Spirit is very specific that any extra effort, projects, or intentions that trickled over into the first few weeks of January will not add to or count towards this material gain.

Even with that in mind, Spirit feels you should enjoy whatever prosperity / abundance that comes your way, and know that your sense of needing to tie up loose ends (throughout January and leading into March) will shift by June. At which point I see you tackling new ideas, goals, projects and a new "vision" / direction for your financial and career future (as early as August and September).

The rest of this year - October through to December will be all ideas, all of the time. So allow these creative energies to inspire you in the best possible ways and don't forget to write / record these ideas in any way you can. The only pitfall to this new creative energy at the end of the year is that your hard-learned time management skills may take a bit of a hit.

Card 2

Queen of Wands - "Illumination"


There may have been a sense of melancholy over the past few years (even as early as 2015). With a reverent hope and desire that every next year passing you by would be better than the last. And although you've hung on for dear life throughout it all - you still have yet to feel that clear and distinct moment (in recent years) that you are truly on your "A Game", with all cylinders firing and your energy in the best possible state it has been in, in quite some time.

So buckle up and prepare for this year ahead, because yes indeed there will be some excelerated movement onward and upward to make up for the past few years of finding or even getting your groove back. 

I see you as being more self-aware, self-assured, and self-possessed than ever before. You may not feel like that "best possible version" of you yet, but the accumlative affect of harder lessons learned over the past few years will be the fuel that propells you forward this year. I see a lot of energetic cha-cha with personal and bigger life goals (I'm talking self-identity type of goals). With one step forward and two steps back up until now. You've been excellent in accepting this natural ebb, flow, and energetic dance to your life. You may have hated this goal-changing cha-cha 2 to 3 years ago, but by the second half of 2017 I see you surrendering to this flow, and most importantly, allowing this growth to happen without needing to control every aspect of your life you did not like.

So now you are ready to see what you are made of. You may not even have any clear-cut goals for this year ahead (given how deeply you surrended by August / September of last year). Yet still, there is a distinct energy of things just clicking into place for you this year. Goals you didn't even know you had (subconscious or loftier / dream-like goals & ideas), will all of a sudden come forward as realistic, possible, obtainable and sustainable this year. Watch out for the month of June to feel that subtle shift and cosmic "click" to happen.

By September of this year (a full calender year since your "surrender" in 2017), you are likely to feel more "You" than you've ever felt before. I see your aura radiating confidence, happiness, and strength in presence when it comes to greeting each day as it's own little journey in your life and appreciating every moment for what it is. 

This is your year to make some bigger life goals and re-invent that future 5 to 10 year plan. This is your year for bigger picture thinking and strategic vision. So continue going with the flow and you are sure to be pleased by the time you're ringing in the next "New Year". And instead of that blasé feeling and attitude you had celebrating the holidays in 2017 - you will be feeling pumped and full of energy during the holiday season of 2018.

So go forth, you beautiful soul you, and "ILLUMINATE".


Card 3 

9 of Wands - "Recovery"

Those of you that selected this 3rd and final card seem to have had the hardest 2017 of all. Yes, we all face our own unique adversities and natural "up's and down's" of life. And those that chose card #1 or #2 haven't escaped the changeable nature of 2017 without a few hurdles and speedbumps of their own.

But you, my friend, may have thought or felt as though 2017 was a constant hurdle as long and wide as the Great Wall of China. I keep feeling a sense of "everything that could go wrong, did, and then some". I am so sorry to see, feel, hear and know that 2017 was one of your hardest years yet. Please know that Spirit is not trying to dwell on the negative here, but instead wants to take this opportunity to validate and affirm for you that - yes indeed 2017 was a difficult time. You may have convinced yourself that everyone has their own issues and problems, but you my dear have seriously been tested and despite all of that, you have survived those tests and find yourself now full-on, into 2018.

I get a sense that it has almost been as though you blinked your eyes (sometime around August of 2017) and all of a sudden have found yourself smack dab near the end of January 2018 already. The last few months of 2017 seem to have gone by so very fast that you barely remember them. I can see and feel how much you had to rely on more base instincts and "survival" mode.

Know that it's okay to take a deep breath, pause and reflect now that you are firmly planted in 2018. You don't need to be in "survival" mode anymore. You may find it hard to relax, unwind, and force yourself not to anticipate the next big problem or issue (as in, where are the fires and how best should you put them out). Leave that way of thinking and feeling behind you, because Spirit is telling me that while you were consumed by needing to be that "survivor" for the past few months, you've actually gotten through what needed to get done and you are already living a much better and simpler life for yourself because of it.

2018, for you, is all about the need to "RECOVER". To learn (yet again) how to relax, let go and let live. To learn (yet again) what it means not to worry every second or anticipate "worst possible outcomes". And, most importantly, to learn (yet again) what it means to find joy, happiness, peace and traquility in your life. Yes - that joy, happiness, peace and tranquility for you is hard-fought-for and hard-won - but the important thing is that it's still there!

As a final note - instead of having significant time-lines and road-signs for the year ahead, your message is a 12-month endeavour of self-care, self-awareness and yes, healthy doses of selfishness. Take those notes you made in (an all-together too rough) 2017, and apply that insight to 2018. You already know what you would've done differently in some of those earlier adversities. You've already run through what you would have said and done. So instead of dwelling, apply those lessons to this year ahead and focus on a pro-active approach rather than a re-active one.

And most importantly... Take care of you.

So there you have it...

Isn't it tremendously exciting what you will be facing in the year ahead? Or in some cases... what you are leaving behind you!

Take a moment to say a big ol' "Thank You" to Spirit and hold onto that epic, gracious feeling of entering a brand new year with brand new blessings and journeys ahead.

BONUS - For those of you that actually read this far...


I did say earlier on in the intro of this #PickACard free-read that my usual spread is one that focuses on Lessons AND Blessings. We've talked about those Blessings, so what about your upcoming Lessons?


Please stay tuned to the Altruistic Apothecary FaceBook Page for information about my next *scheduled* FaceBook Live Video session - "Truth Talk with Spirit", where I will pull a card for each of us (the 1's, 2's and 3's) from the "Heal Yourself Reading Cards" by Inna Segal to explore the 2018 Lessons awaiting all of us.

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