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#PickACard - Medicine Woman Sound Healing

#PickACard - Medicine Woman Sound Healing

Here's a look back at past #PickACard reads - if you've ever missed one HERE'S your big chance to go back in our blog to get that on-the-spot mini free read. Going forward all #PickACard choices/reveals (including new YouTube vid detailed reveals) will be available right here in 1 handy-dandy spot.

I'm finding today of all days that much healing is needed in the world. Strange energies coming about from the New Moon in Leo - creating this burning desire to get things done & pull life together by the reigns. This might result in a restless, overwhelmed, "what the heck do I tackle next" feeling. So here is a lovely, grounded read with my hand-crafted Bone Rattle & Medicine Woman Tarot.

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