Thank you Allison! Your reading was very insightful and inspiring!
Thank you so much for helping me become me. I hope to see you again!
Allison, thank you so much for all of your help! I'm so excited to continue working with my spirit guides and thank you for helping cross my first spirit over! I hope to see you again!
Allison, you are incredible, You made things very clear, and pointed out things about myself that people don't know. Thank you!
Thank you Allison for bringing back the memories of my grandfather
Allison, Thank you For the confirmations the insights and the information to keep me on the right track. You are awesome!!
As always, Allison helps put my mind at ease and reassures me that life has a path for us & that I'm travelling in the right direction. Thank you so much Allison!
I enjoyed the reading, very insightful. Thank you
This was my first reading & I enjoyed listening about my husband & father, so thank you.
This was my first time seeing a psychic medium. Allison was spot on, hitting on all the major issues in my life presently. It was affirming and emotional. THANK YOU!!!
Seeing Allison always makes me so happy. She speaks the purest truth of the messages that come through to her. She's amazing. Thank you so much Allison.
Allison was great - she hit it right on the dot with info she gave me! BRAVO!
Amazing and totally spot on. I felt an instant connection with Allison. Thank you for a great reading.
She was truly amazing. I learned a lot about myself that I never knew before! Thank you so much
She had me figured out - spot on. What a beautiful soul/spirit!
She was amazing I got all my answers.
First reading with Allison. She was extremely intuitive. Definitely going to continue with Allison in the future. Thanks.
1st reading I've ever had. So much fun. Allison is eloquent & thorough and I'm very glad I came by! xo
1st reading & Allison was so in tune & helped me understand what I was going thru spiritually. Will definitely be back for a longer reading.
Allison was very kind and took her time to explain everything to me. I really enjoyed the reading!
Very relevant reading. Family member came through immediately. Highly recommended. Thanks
Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing, straight to the point and hit it dead on. I have really learned a lot about myself today from in the last 5 years! Wonderful!
Thank you Allison you seemed to get the right words all you said is right. Thank you.
Very good reading put a lot of worries to rest.
Awesome job Allison. Feel a lot better now that I talked to you.
It was great connecting with you and your messages. You were very perceptive and helped me clear some confusion. Great meeting you. Thanks.
Healing messages and reassurance. Always, spot on. Great vibes!
Thank you Allison for always bringing me so much peace and enlightenment. You are a beautiful soul inside out, I'm so glad you came into my life! I always get so much positive energy after readings!
A fabulous afternoon w/ great insight. Thank you ~ lovely seeing & being with you in person. Your gifts are abso fab
That was a wonderful, wonderful experience!! Thank you so much Allison!! I can't wait until the next show!!
For my first ever experience, I am absolutely blown away! Not only for the accuracy of the reading, but for the friendliness shown!! I am honoured to have participated.
Thank you so much for today's reading! I feel empowered, confident & validated.
Pretty amazing how she could tell me everything I feel without saying a word! Thank You!!!!
I enjoyed this Reading very much! Amazing the amount of info within 15 min. Thank you so much!
Thank you Allison for the guidance to just Be
Very accurate, she saw things I try to hide from everyone, including myself. Some things she said made me want to pursue what I've been waiting to go for. Thank you.
Thank you Allison. So many things you told me were so spot on, it's uncanny. Take care & blessed be
I cannot begin to tell you how much I needed to hear my dreams are in reach! Serious, amazing. Thank you for being my guide! You are wonderful!
Thank you Allison! Your reading was very enlightening and thoughtful. I felt at ease and comfortable in your presence. Thank You
Wonderful soft loving energy from Allison. Very specific insights into my life. I am so very grateful.
Thank you Allison you are a very genuine person and I had a wonderful experience with my reading and thank you for teaching me about Reiki, I can't wait to talk to you further and learn more from you. Thanks.
The reading was very touching! Very helpful. Thank you!
Allison was very helpful and inspiring
This was more than amazing. You helped a lot and helped push me to do what I truly want now. Thank you!
Clear, insightful & wonderful. Blessings & thanks!
Thank you Allison for the reading it was Amazing!!
Very helpful and insightful thanks
Thank you Allison for helping me through my journey in life. You've been a great inspiration and a supportive person through my spiritual path. I really appreciate your guidance and insight of painting out things about myself.
Thank you for the insight & compassion you show me Allison. Being able to connect with my guides has been so important to me. I feel so blessed that my journey has brought me here
Powerful, insightful, inspiring. Allison reached directly into the 'heart of the matter', helping me to find clarity and focus. Such a blessing. She truly shines!
My first time reading with Allison and the things she told me were things that were going on in my life. I felt so much better after my reading I know that what she told me was truth. Thank you Allison
It was an amazing reading. Made me cry & so did she. Love it. Would see her again
I am blown away at everything that was said. It was everything I needed to know.
It was an excellent reading as she was able to channel a loved one. It was what I was hoping for.
This was an amazing reading and completely spot on. I cried in public! I never cry. Thank you so much!
That you so much, I was amazed at the things Allison told me.
Allison is the most accurate reader, truly an enjoyable experience
The reading was great. Excellent advice. Information made a great sense. Thanks a bunch
An amazing reading! Made me cry, was very spot on! There was a phenomenal vibe and aura and I was pulled towards your booth
This reading will be one I hold dear forever, the news & gifts revealed are amazing!
Very informative. Thank you sooo much for help with my 'hitchhikers' LOL
I got some answers that I've been waiting for! Thank you so much.
Thank you very much! I'm very much looking forward to the next year. Hope to see you at Pagan Pride
Thank you very much, I feel so much relief!
Amazing, made me feel so confident and relaxed. Was right on with everything!
Kym B.
Wonderful Reading. Very accurate, great energy
Linda R.
Allison was right on the money. She is the real deal. Thanks again
Amazing. Thank you for giving me some much needed answers & peace
My reading was amazing! Allison nailed it with pretty much everything! Thank you so much and see you next time
Allison put everything into perspective for me. She was able to zero in on my query and answer my question. I came away feeling very good
Michelle K.
Allison was able to describe me better than I would ever be able to describe myself. I feel like I know who I am now, why I feel certain ways about myself and life after her insight. She is truly amazing, her gift is nothing like I've ever seen before. I'm so glad I was able to have this experience. She is so wise. Allison, I feel like you will be a huge inspiration for my book, and a lot of the things you have said to me in my reading will be written in my book, expect some credit from me in the book. You're awesome. Much love
Allison, Thank you so much for an awesome, beautiful reading. You have shown me how to use the proper tools to raise my son. I've come away with so much love & wisdom. You are Beautiful Energy
Thank you so much that was amazing. You hit everything bang on and had wonderful advice
Sarah A.
Amazing reading from Allison today! I feel lighter and now understand a little more in my life. Thank you Allison!
Spot on :) Thank you for everything. You've made my weekend
Thank you very much for the reading. My first experience and I feel very uplifted & safe. All the best!
Thank you for my very first reading & for telling me the things I've been ignoring from my Spirit Guides :)
I can feel the prudence of this reading throughout my whole being. I can now allow myself to flow forward & walk the path laid out for me
Blew my mind, crazy accurate
Feel very warm and appreciative about the advice, kind words, and the time she shared about my friend who passed. Feeling very blessed, Thank you
Good reading and a lot of relating and true to what is happening in my life right now. Thank you
It was a good reading and I now have a lot more confidence and it was one in a lifetime experience
It was not what I was expecting. It was far better. I feel so grateful to learn what I did and have some closure. Thanks so much!
Thank you for the lovely reading! Your warmth and personality made it a great, comfortable experience :)
Enjoyed the reading and felt safe. Thank you for your help
It's like you were in my head. It was nice hearing about my life through someone else. Thank you so much, I loved the experience
Thank you for everything, you made my first reading a magical one
Thank you for helping me see through what has been holding me back and giving me the insight to move forward. And knowing that happiness lays ahead.
Unbelievable! First reading I've EVER had and it was SPOT ON. Felt so shocked and surprised & extremely emotional. Not going to lie, was skeptical but am a true believer. Amazing reading and I'm very impressed. Thanks so much
Thank you for reaching back to my Love Ones that have passed. Thank you for your advice.
I was a sceptic but was amazed at what was told to me about my life. Thank you
Wonderful reading. Very accurate & insightful
Charlotte C.
Thank you so much Allison! I feel so comforted and validated!
Charlotte K.
I am a first time in this and I can't believe how Allison can find so much about me
Definitely worth seeing! Spot on and very eye-opening! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
She is amazing. One of the best readings I have ever had
Thank you so much. I believe you have answered a lot of ? for me.
It was exciting for me as I believe in this alot and you were very knowledgeable on my life. I enjoyed the reading. Thank you so much!
Thank you for confirming what I was thinking deep down & giving me the direction to move forward
Thank you so much! I learned a lot and it was just what I needed! xo
Such a great experience! She was spot on :) Loved it
Accuracy right off the bat. Thank you for the message from my Father! Very healing for me! I definitely recommend you to others!
Thank you so much, you really helped me with the path of my career. And helping me have closure with my Uncle.
It was very insightful and a pleasure to be read by Allison
Allison - I can't thank you enough for your very insightful reading. You were very patient and loving and I felt very comfortable and at peace sitting across the table from you. I didn't know what to expect but after our short session you put a lot of questions I had at ease! Thank you again & I hope you feel better!!
My reading was awesome. I will be keeping my 'eye' out for my sisters visits. Thanks so very much
Thank you Allison for validating the message and helping me on this journey. I will be sure to keep in touch and so appreciated connecting with you. Blessed Be.
Thank you very much, very accurate, mind blowing.
Allison changed by life today. The advice she gave (and insight) was so beneficial and I can't wait to cross paths again
Great insight delivered in a very friendly manner.
The reading is so appreciated - even more so the empathy & kindness in which it was delivered. Felt like time was a dear old friend, a good long nap and a retrospective all in one
Allison is very accurate with confirmations and beautiful directions. Allison could confirm my Soul Purpose job and where I will move. Love your energy Allison & Reiki and Blessings with You, Yours and your Blessed Business
I felt truly connected to both your and my spiritual side. Thank you for sharing your gift with me
Thank you. It was wonderful to hear everything and answering my questions was amazing.
It was unbelievable she made me cry and I got clarity about some things I didn't have clarity about. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you!
Thank you very much for the insight and the work to be done.
Allison was amazing! I couldn't feel better right now she gave me messages from a loved one and so much more! Thank you!
Loved the reading, very spot on!
Allison was great, so honest and real. Made me feel like my fiance was present
Allison was great. I have a message to take home to my husband. That will help him.
Allison was fantastic. She really put stuff into perspective that put things into a place which I needed
Allison is an excelllent reader. You can physically feel her tapping into your energy and telling you the things that you need to know in this lifetime. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
This was an amazing reading Thank you very much
Thank you for your insight and answers that you had for me. Everything always is very accurate.
Thank you for such a lovely experience, can't wait for the future!
Allison was spot on with everything I was feeling and current events happening in my life. She made me feel very comfortable & I will definitely be seeing her again!
Amazing feminine energy. Love her Mom! Incredibly resonant & capable of tuning into that which can be difficult for most readers to understand or comprehend. Nya'weh!!
I was so speechless because everything she said was so right & affirming! Her abilities to heal are amazing. I've never felt so relaxed & light. Unburdened. In the future, I will definitely see her again.
Thank you Allison you are a very genuine person and I had a wonderful experience with my reading and thank you for teaching me about Reiki, I can't wait to talk to you further and learn more from you. Thanks.
Allison Thank you for a great reading and initiation into Reiki. Hope to see you soon.
Katherine K.
I had a mini Reiki session with Allison & while my eyes were closed I could see light & dark as if I was constantly going through tunnels. It was calming and beautiful. I felt much better after my session and felt like I could trust her with what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Allison!
There was something truly magical about Allison... It's hard to put into words but if you are looking for healing (emotional, spiritual & intellectual) I would recommend the Massage & Reiki
Her touch was very soft but very intense - Loved every second
Wonderful Indian Head Massage! Gentle and nurturing touch that has helped me on my healing journey!!
Indian Head Massage is awesome. Soothing, Calming. Serenity.
Thanks so much I had the most amazing head massage & I feel totally fabulous now. You're the best
The Indian head massage was amazing, SO, relaxing
Head massage amazing! Really relaxing & grounding!
There was something truly magical about Allison... It's hard to put into words but if you are looking for healing (emotional, spiritual & intellectual) I would recommend the Massage & Reiki
Thanks Allison
You're amazing glad to meet you, hope to see you & cross paths someday!!
Love & Light
Bless Be
Allison is amazing you will not be disappointed!
J. W.
Great time, learned a lot. Till next time!
Just plain Brilliant. Brilliant! Thanks a mint!
Keep rippling & hopefully one day they'll meet & I can show you how much you've helped me today. Eternally grateful
G. S. F.
Wonderful and sweet, genuine and true. Beautiful Stones and crystals! Lovely and true. Thank you!
Sharing from/through Universe - Honest, Real, Sensitive, Loving. Thank You.
Thank you for everything you have done for me. Your gift is amazing
Bryn "The Sassy Magpie"
Absolutely without a doubt the BEST! Thank you Allison. So much gratitude. Love & Light
Thank you for teaching me about Pendulums. Beautiful and inspirational demo. I love how attracted my Spirit got towards your gracious aura! Look forward to seeing you in October
She is amazing. She made me feel so much She is an incredible woman and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have met her
Allison was incredibly accurate. Incredible energy from her. Thank you for everything :)
Allison is an excellent psychic. Very informative, very real. I felt very comfortable talking with her
Thank you so much Allison. Your reading was so accurate and helped me with the issues that is happening in my life.
Thank you so much for the reading. Time to go do some studying of my own gifts
Thank you Allison (ALL I SON). I would love to tell you that your gifts are heartfelt. I believe you are going to make a huge impact on this nation as you have on myself. Until we meet again. (soon). Never alone distance is an illusion. Don't forget I love you and Momma Dukes, but God loves you both so much more
Thanks for my reading. I'm looking forward to the future now more than ever!
Thank you so much, you were amazing. I hope to hear from you again
Allison, you have touched my soul. I love you! You and Nick are a true inspiration!
Allison is the most comfortable person I have ever met. She has brought me lots of joy & self awareness
Allison makes it easy for me to be in touch with my spiritual side. The acceptance I feel when with her is overwhelming. There's something about her that is very unexplainable. But I am very drawn to her. Keep spreading your energy :)
Thank you! So much. I feel like we are Soul Sisters
Tim E.
Shekoli! (Hello) Yaw'Ko! (Thank You) Kunolukwah (Love)

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