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Reiki Energy Healing
I was so speechless because everything she said was so right & affirming! Her abilities to heal are amazing. I've never felt so relaxed & light. Unburdened. In the future, I will definitely see her again.
Thank you Allison you are a very genuine person and I had a wonderful experience with my reading and thank you for teaching me about Reiki, I can't wait to talk to you further and learn more from you. Thanks.
Allison Thank you for a great reading and initiation into Reiki. Hope to see you soon.
Katherine K.
I had a mini Reiki session with Allison & while my eyes were closed I could see light & dark as if I was constantly going through tunnels. It was calming and beautiful. I felt much better after my session and felt like I could trust her with what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Allison!
There was something truly magical about Allison... It's hard to put into words but if you are looking for healing (emotional, spiritual & intellectual) I would recommend the Massage & Reiki

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