What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy".

It's a safe, natural, and effective hands-on energy healing approach that encourages natural healing within the body as well as total mind, body and spirit relaxation. Reiki will balance and strengthen the energy available within your body, providing you with a deep sense of peace. It's a very soothing therapy that can aid in the natural healing process of many injuries, conditions, emotional blockages, or mental stresses.

Reiki is completely non-invasive and can be used in combination with other healing modalities.

Reiki is energy, everything in the Universe is made of energy, and so you don't have to believe in Reiki in order for Reiki to work for you. Reiki does not stem from any one belief system and is not in affiliation with any specific religion. 

Reiki is also often offered as a gentle energy healing technique for babies, children, animals, plants, objects, relationships, and many forms of physical, emotional, and mental pain.

Reiki can be performed through distance, both geographical and across time and space. This means that Reiki can be used to provide healing to your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual self within the past, present, or future.

The possibilities of using Reiki for healing is endless. As a Reiki Master, I act as a direct channel to connect you with healing energy sent from Spirit, Source & the Universe.


What's the Difference between Reiki & Intuitive Reiki?

I only ever preform and offer Intuitive Reiki. That's because my Psychic abilities & Mediumship gifts are always on. And so I will always receive messages while performing Reiki. When I offer Reiki in person, I always deliver whatever messages I get as part of the service. My only distance Reiki services differ - it's totally up to you whether we have a follow-up conversation after the healing session to discuss any messages I may have received.

Messages during an Intuitive Reiki session are completely different than the type of messages I receive during a Psychic Medium Reading. During a healing session I will receive anything that may be going on in your life that contributes to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health.

Although I will receive messages about these things, I am not a Medical Doctor or Medical Professional. If any messages should come forward that you are concerned about you should always seek appropriate medical care and attentions from certified Medical Professionals.


Booking & Session Rates

A Reiki session with me is 100% focused on the simplicity & purity of the Reiki energy. I will allow my natural Psychic abilities to guide where I place my hands and for how long. All of my Intuitive abilities will be focused on providing you with the highest vibrational Reiki healing for the best possible outcome of healing on the soul level.

During these sessions, I will also be using my Psychic abilities to deliver messages from Spirit. As I mentioned before, these are restricted to healing messages and will not be like a Psychic Medium Reading.

You can book a mini Reiki healing session with me at an Event, or in my home shop / studio located in Collingwood.

Distance sessions are also available for booking. For Distance sessions a time slot will be booked and you will receive the healing at that time. You have the choice whether you'd like to follow up with me via phone, Skype, or FaceTime after your Reiki distance healing session.

In Person Session Rates

15 minute session - $40

30 minute session - $60*

1 hour session - $120*

Distance Session Rates

20 minutes (just Reiki) - $20

20 minutes plus 15 minute follow-up via phone, Skype, or FaceTime (Reiki + Intuitive messages from Spirit) - $60

Book your Reiki healing session with me now, or if you have additional questions about my services please e-mail me directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Note: These In Person Session Rates are only available in my home shop / studio. Pre-booking your session is required.


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