I offer a variety of services...

My Psychic Reading & Healing experiences are only one click away via my secure Online Shop powered by Shopify.

If you wish to book for a session in person, please contact me directly via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR phone: +1 (705) 606-2447


Psychic Medium Readings

Are you seeking guidance in your life from Spirit? Do you wish to get in direct contact with your Spirit Guides? Are you hoping to re-connect with a Loved One that has passed? Are you looking for a compass in life, to stay true to your own life purpose & intuition?

Do You Wish to Know more about...

  • Your Love Life
  • Relationships & Family
  • Your Health
  • Your Career Path
  • Education for the Future
  • The Past
  • Issues in the Present
  • Scope of the Future
  • Your Past Lives
  • Your Soul's Purpose
  • Your Own Intuitive Gifts & Abilities
  • And More

I can provide the insight you seek... 

Click Here to learn more about Psychic Medium Readings with Me.


Some of my other services include...

  • Traditional Indian Head Massage - I am certified in this modality by Rinaldi College of Aesthetics

  • House or Commercial (Business) Cleansings/Clearings - I will clear the space of any negative or heavy energies & perform "Rescue Work" (cross over any wayward Spirits) using a variety of Spiritual Tools (ones that I intuitively feel will work based on your current situation)

  • Psychic Reading / House Parties - I can provide Psychic Medium & Tarot readings (approx. 15 minutes for $50 per person)

  • Corporate Events - I am experienced in providing Psychic Medium readings, Workshops, and more (with professional billing for Accounts Receivable) 

  • Social Events - I've booked other major social events / rites of passage, including Birthdays and Weddings (with easy / functional Even Booking Agreements)

  • One-on-One Intuitive Development Sessions - Each session is different based on your unique inherent set of Intuitive & Psychic Abilities - I will work to foster trust in your capabilities and promote growth Spiritually

  • Workshops - Currently offered locally in Collingwood, ON at Jane's Spiritual Centre

Should you have additional questions about my services or availability, please feel free to Contact Me.


Reiki Energy Healing

As a certified Reiki Master, I currently provides energy healing via bookings at upcoming Events, at my home shop / studio in Collingwood, or via distance healing sessions (via phone or Skype) available in my Online Shop.

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing is Right for You if You Wish to...

  • Relieve stress
  • Recover from medical treatments and operations
  • Recover from specific injuries
  • Promote general good health & well-being
  • Improve the immune system functions
  • Promote better sleep to address insomnia or fatigue
  • Relieve acute or chronic pain
  • Relieve daily symptoms from conditions - like headaches, allergies, asthma, diabetes and more.
  • Regulate blood pressure through relaxation
  • Soothe tight or sore muscles
  • Induce a state of deep relaxation
  • Heal emotional blockages - feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, deep sadness, or depressive states
  • Soothe emotional distress
  • Promote a peaceful & positive outlook on your life
  • Ease aches & pains
  • Strengthen natural self-healing processes
  • Increase energy
  • Loosen up blocked energies in the body, aura, or etheric Field
  • Cleanse your body of toxins
  • Dispel negative energies around you or affecting you
  • Address mental stress, ease your mind, re-focus energy in your life

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